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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Advanced Metering Infrastructure for energy-efficient utilities


If we cannot monitor and manage consumption, we cannot move our cities towards a smarter, greener future.

Amplex MeterMind™ is an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution that enables measurement, collection and analysis of consumption data from electricity, gas and water meters. The solution suits all network configurations regardless of meter type, deployment size and topography.

Adding intelligence to household and industrial meters is a cornerstone of our vision for bridging the LV gap. MeterMind™ increases visibility and improves insight at the user level. This adds significant value to our StartGrid™ solution that covers substations and lower nodes in the low-voltage network.

In combination, MeterMind™ and StartGrid™ power a new era for your entire LV grid and speed your city towards smarter, more intelligent electricity and water consumption.

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Meet Amplex Denmark at the summit STADT LICHT + VERKEHR 2014. The event takes place on 26th and 27th of November in Leipzig, Germany. STADT LICHT + VERKEHR 2014 is the meeting point for municipalities, research institutes, manufacturers and service providors within street lightning. Come visit us at our booth for a demonstration of the […]