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The foundation for Utility Intelligence™

Energy efficiency through knowledge and control

Smart Grid solutions require a smart approach that can integrate and handle products and services from a multitude of technology providers.

The Amplex OpenCity™ architecture is the foundation for our own energy efficiency solutions, as well as a platform for other technologies.

The Amplex core
All Amplex solutions are based on a modular, carrier-neutral platform that combines:

Through a combination of our advanced hardware components and intelligent software, Amplex’ energy efficiency solutions help you pinpoint losses, optimize operations and improve quality — to the benefit of the utility, its customers and the environment.

We are breaking free of expensive, closed legacy systems. Instead, we embrace solutions with a modular approach that address the evolving needs of the utility company in monitoring, integration and automation of their networks.

All components use open standards and will integrate seamlessly with your existing solutions and technology.

Amplex Module System

Low-cost, intelligent modules that gather information and interface to meters through a variety of protocols.


The OpenCity™ utility intelligence platform is Amplex' central system for handling the multitudes of data that the smart grid generates.

Communications Infrastructure

Dependable communications is a vital part of intelligent utility management. We have a proven track-record in reliably sending and receiving data.

Field tool

A mobile and server-based tool that tracks and manages all utility assets. It also facilitates setup, configuration and management of installed equipment.



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Amplex News

Vej- og Gadebelysning, Odense

Again this year Amplex Denmark will be exhibiting at the conference Vej- og Gadebelysning. The conference takes place on the 18th +19th of November in Odense, Denmark. Amplex controls around 50% of the streetlight in Denmark and can thereby see that there are major differences between how the individual municipalities chooses to implement it. Amplex […]


Amplex Denmark will be present at the summit “STADT LICHT + VERKEHR”. The event takes place from the 23rd to 25th of November in Leipzig, Germany. Amplex has been invited to speak at the fair and share their experiences from controlling over 50% of the streetlight in Denmark plus numerous worldwide. For more information on […]