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Mobility of nervous processes. According to metabolic requirements the respiratory system provides gas exchange О2и СО2между by environment and an organism. This vital function the network numerous interconnected нейронов ЦНС, located in several departments of a brain and united in complex concept regulates «the respiratory centre» (fig. 22). At influence on its structures nervous and гуморальных stimulus there is an adaptation of function of breath to changing environmental conditions. The structures necessary for occurrence of a respiratory rhythm, have been found out for the first time in an oblong brain. Перерезка an oblong brain in the field of a bottom IV желудочка leads to the breath termination. Therefore as the main respiratory centre understand set нейронов specific respiratory kernels of an oblong brain. Brake желчевыделение глюкагон, кальцитонин, ВИП. clomid pill

Managing data overload in the smart grid

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Amplex has been using distributed intelligence for more than a decade. We believe this is the solution to smart grid data overload.